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We are a team of associated corporate lawyers, established as a limited company in Ecuador since 2014, with professional experience of more than 12 years as lawyers in free professional practice, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our clients through the guarantee that LAWYER & ABOGADOS Cía. Ltda. It gives them.

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Administrative Law and Public Purchases

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. It has identified the most common problems in the relationship between the State and individuals and has been able to carry out effective defense strategies to defend the rights that may be violated.

Environmental law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. Advice on aspects of Environmental Law, in response to the growing demand for services in this area, especially since the Creation of the Constitution of 2008.

Civil law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. It recognizes that civil matter is the branch of law that encompasses the coexistence of human beings in society.

Commercial, Contractual and Notarial Law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. We handle the preparation of contracts and contractual negotiation. Our attorneys have vast experience in designing contracts that best protect the interests of our clients.

Constitutional right

In the case of Ecuador, lathe Constitution of 2008, has established the following jurisdictional guarantees as a mechanism for the protection and defense of rights, Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. 

Business, Banking and Finance Law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. He has extensive experience in the provision of all legal services required by banks, financial institutions, as well as in the fiduciary stock market.

Family, Women, Children and Adolescents Law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. It recognizes the right to family, women, children and adolescents as one of the most demanded matters in Ecuador, even more so when the reform determines that cases that were previously processed within the Civil Units.

Labor law and social security

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. It recognizes labor law as one of the most important legal matters, it is always the engine of society and it is where the conflict between employer, worker and State converges.

Criminal and Traffic Law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda.We are one of the most complete legal firms in the field of representation, advice and legal defense, we have a team of professionals who are experts in criminal matters, we have proven to have the most successful criminal lawyers, providing guarantees in the results.

Telecommunications, Energy and Mining Law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. We have been advising several multinational companies in the oil, mining and energy fields for some years. We attend to your legal needs in front of the respective regulatory entities and defend your interests against public and private interference.

Tax Law

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda. The legal practice of the tax area has been merged with the accounting and financial practice to offer our clients comprehensive advice.

Intellectual property

Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda.  has a division specialized in advising and attending to all aspects related to the protection of intellectual property rights and new technologies


What customers say

“My experience in legal cases with the LAWYER & ABOGADOS BUFETTE has been a great legal support, thanks to the legal advisory service that they have provided to the company. For several years, they have shown us transparency. “

Alex Carate

“My experience in legal cases with the LAWYER & ABOGADOS BUFETTE have been excellent with favorable results for me, in the same way for my wife with respect to parental authority with her son, I can give testimony of cases regarding my best friend the which have been of good results, for these reasons I recommend the law firm represented by DR. Pablo Vélez.”

Damián Diaz

“I went to the LAWYER & ABOGADOS Law Firm, for recommendations to defend me in a criminal case, for the favorable results of two more people who were already defended in criminal matters, I can say that it was the best decision since I managed to leave the case innocent that they accused me, so I recommend the LAWYER & ABOGADOS Law Firm in criminal cases “.
Sandra Peña

“5 years ago I started my own business in partnership with some friends and in order to have a healthy business relationship I decided to look for a law firm to help us in this journey, after having failed with several charlatans I came to Lawyer Asociados who not only They provided an efficient service but in turn gave us all the necessary advice to make the best decision. From there they have become our main ally in making important decisions for the company both in corporate, civil, labor matters and other matters that arise along the way. I take the opportunity to thank you for your management and unconditional support in our growth. “
María Fernanda Valencia

President, Eblooms Direct Exportadora Cía. Ltda. Ecuador

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Dr. Pablo Vèlez R.

Dr. Pablo Vèlez R.

Director of the Lawyer & Abogados Cia. Ltda.

AB. Santiago Cabezas Ll.

AB. Santiago Cabezas Ll.

Specialist in Administrative, Constitutional, Civil Law, Overdue Portfolio Recovery.

AB. Karen Gonzalez C.

AB. Karen Gonzalez C.

Specialist in Civil and Corporate Law

AB. Wirman Salvador G.

AB. Wirman Salvador G.

Specialist in Family, Civil, Notary Law.

AB. Galo Gallardo R.

AB. Galo Gallardo R.

Specialist in Civil, Labor, Urban Law.

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